• 20th General Assembly

    KOPILA-Nepal turned 20 this year. Due to COVID-19, KOPILA-Nepal postponed the celebration. However due to uncertainty in the situation, KN thought of celebrating it in small groups following the safety precautions.

  • Celebration of Dashain

    Aarati is one of the longest staying beneficiaries in Safe Home whose identity is still unknown. She enjoys tika, bangles and wants to own the  ornamental things.

  • Celebration of Dashain

    The executive director of KOPILA-Nepal offering tika and blessings to the beneficiaries living in Safe Home

  • Coffee Project

    Happy Coffee Farmers with their coffee plants in the monitoring visit.

  • Psycho social Counselling

    The COVID-19 has emphasized more on the need of counselling for all especially women when the data shows the  rate of domestic violence is increasing. Our counselors are reaching to the women and people in community following the safety precautions.

  • Income Generation Support

    Despite the Corona Crisis, our field staff are in the field and continuing supporting the people in need. In the picture is the income generation support to women for goat farming.

  • Dashain Celebration

    A group picture in Letepia Emergency Home after the celebration of Dashain.

  • Emergency Response to COVID-19

  • Toll Free Number

    KOPILA-Nepal has started toll free number to provide free counselling amid the corona crisis. The NTC users can call from and have an access help to psycho-social counselor.

  • Emergency Response-COVID-19

    The staff of KOPILA-Nepal came together during this crisis and decided certain percentage of their salary be donated to the people in need. Realizing the need of protection for the hospital stall, KOPILA-Nepal donated  sets of Personal Protective Equipment, Sanitizers, Masks to regional government hospital to protect them.

About Kopila Nepal

Kopila-Nepal is a non-profit making, non-sectarian, non-governmental organization formally registered with District administration office of the government of Nepal in 2001 with the registration number 795. It is also affiliated to Social welfare council with affiliation number 13892 since 2003.

It is one of the leading organization dedicated towards the protection of human rights and psychosocial well – being of children, women and people with psychosocial problems. It was established by self- motivated social worker friends in 2001 with the aim of promoting life standards of destitute children.

After establishment, it’s founders raised money from their own pockets and from friends to open two schools in remote areas.  With our first grant from the Methodist Relief and Development Fund in 2003, we began to support for education to underprivileged children in 4 Village Development Committees (VDC’s).

To know more about our work, please do kindly click the link  below:

KOPILA-Nepal's work for women empowermet

Posted by Kopila Nepal on Friday, March 8, 2019

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what we do

Health and Psychosocial wellbeing

Kopila-Nepal provides psychosocial counseling services at the Western Regional Hospital, District hospital as well as in the community level. People with health problems are referred to respective places

Livelihood support:

The women belonging to the Self Help Group (SHG) are provided with income generation support so that they are able to pave their personal path out of poverty by themselves. The women who have received the income generation support

Education support

Kopila-Nepal is dedicated to support children deprived of basic education rights. It provides target children with educational materials such as school uniforms, notebooks and pencils to support their schooling.

Women empowerment

Women empowerment is the key to community development. Our services include leadership development, vocational, financial management trainings, awareness programs

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