Counseling during COVID-19.
KOPILA-Nepal understands the great challenge the COVID-19 crisis poses to people, both physically and psychologically. We all experience some anxiety for our and our family’s health, we need to stay in home during lock-down, we might have trouble financially, if our work is interrupted. We also hear negative experiences other people have.

All this can affect our psychological health. For this reason, KOPILA-Nepal’s counselors are here to support during this time.

If you feel in any kind of distress, feel free to contact one of our counselor on the phones listed below-

SN Name Address Phone Online contact
1. Bina Silwal (President of NGO Federation Gandaki Province) Pokhara-6, Kaski 9802802114
2. Prem Nath Bhattarai (Psychologist, Kopila Nepal) Pokhara-5 Kaski 9802802128
3. Hadjicharalambous, Ioanna GIZ NP (Clinical Psychologist/Kopila Nepal)

Skype ID: ioaaanna



4. Dr. Pratistha Wagle Pokhara-6 9846147915
5. Laxmi Gurung (Counselor/Kopila Nepal) Bhadrakali Marga, Pokhara-13, Kaski 9802808821
6. Junu Shrestha (Counselor/Kopila Nepal) Pokhara-17 9802802190
7. Sarmila Bhattarai (Counselor/Kopila Nepal) Pokhara-13, Kaski 9802802126
8. Kham Maya Pun Magar (Counselor/Kopila Nepal) 9802802118
9. Sujata Paudel (Counselor/Kopila Nepal) Pokhara-4, Kaski 9802802142
10. Bina Pun (Counselor/Nepal House) Malepatan, Pokhara-5, Kaski 9846115959

viber id:9846115959

11. Tara Maya B.K. (Counselor/3 Angels Nepal) Pokhara-32, Kaski 9817180718


12. Pratima Basnet (Counselor/Asal Chimeki) Simpani, Pokhara-15, Kaski 9802816068


13. Surya P. Bhattarai (Counselor/NFDN Gandaki Province) Tarsapatti, Pokhara-4, Kaski 9856050048


14 Pooja Rana (Counselor/Shakti Samuha) Rangvang-5, Syangja 9860773608


15 Jamuna Sharma Pokhara-7 9846420008
16 Gunamaya Gurung Pokhara 9846145049
17 Rama Poudel Pokhara 9846804046
18 Puspa Gurung Pokhara- 31 9846744059