We envision a society in which the rights of all people are realised and their basic needs are met


Kopila-Nepal strives to ensure that the most marginalized people in our working areas enjoy their fundamental human rights and psychosocial wellbeing. We put emphasis on eliminating social disparities of all kinds. We work with; local and national government; non-government organizations; and funding partners to realize our goals and to bring about structural changes needed to achieve social justice and equity for all.


To improve quality of life of women, children and people with psychosocial problem by building their own capacity and maximising local resources.

Strategic Objectives

  • To enable marginalized women and children to advocate for their rights through education, and leadership development by promoting and capacity building of CBOs.
  • Sensitize and build the capacity of community members, professionals and others about human rights, psychosocial well-being, and their own essential role in creating a supportive environment for those in need.
  • Assist individuals in our working areas to heal from trauma and other impediments to their psychosocial well-being
  • To promote livelihood and income generating opportunities for marginalized women and people with psychosocial problems
  • To achieve an efficient, sustainable and transparent organization that is well resourced and capacitated to deliver its optimum impact for women, children and psychosocial wellbeing recognized and trusted by communities, government and partners.