What We Do


  • Health and psychosocial wellbeing:

Kopila-Nepal provides psychosocial counseling services at the Western Regional Hospital, District hospital as well as in the community level. People with health problems are referred to respective places and poor fund has been established in the Regional Hospital by Kopila-Nepal to provide free of cost medication to our beneficiaries who cannot afford for the mental health medicines and treatment.


  • Livelihood support:

The women belonging to the Self Help Group (SHG) are provided with income generation support so that they are able to pave their personal path out of poverty by themselves. The women who have received the income generation support are engaged in goat keeping, bee keeping, mushroom farming or have improved their local business and have enhanced their family condition.


  • Education support:

Kopila-Nepal is dedicated to support children deprived of basic education rights. It provides target children with educational materials such as school uniforms, notebooks and pencils to support their schooling. Besides, efforts are made to build a girl child friendly school environment. Trainings are offered to these children to inculcate human values and increase awareness about social and cultural aspects. Our programs ensure that all children have access to their right to education.


  • Women empowerment:

Women empowerment is the key to community development. Our services include leadership development, vocational, financial management trainings, awareness programs, legal and economic opportunities and exposure visit programs to target women for their empowerment allowing them to act as a catalyst for larger social change. Initiatives to end gender based violence have been started at village level through the involvement of school, government bodies and local people.